Thoughtful Photography

Thoughtful Photography is your entrance to the world of beautiful scenic photographs as seen through my eyes. I have been a  photographer for several years mostly in the Pacific Northwest. I love to share my eyes with you, whether it be waterfalls, wildlife, ocean and beaches, beautiful snow capped mountains or the serenity of old growth forest. I would also like to stress that my photographs are the original photograph I took, I will never do any munipulations of my photographys using computer enhancements.  My hope is that when you see my photographs, you are moved by them and realize that every picture was taken with thoughtfulness. I would love to hear your thoughts about my pictures as well as website, feel free to leave me a note by clicking on the "Contact" tab.


Thank you for spending a little of your time with me.

David Peterson


I take great pride in my ability to put thought into every photo I capture. Please see for yourself with a few samples ... want to see more, please click on "Portfolio" and view many other thoughtful photographs.